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Greeno's Four Delightful Days in AgriINTEX 2014

The Greeno team participated in AgriIntex 2014 held at Codissia Trade Fair Complex, Coimbatore from July 18th through July 21st with the base plan of maximum reach with the farming community, understand their current scenario and expand our knowledge on the diverse field of farming and agriculture.

Our journey towards the event:

Before the four days event, we were very excited about meeting farmers in such an exclusive event.

Lots of preparations and plans were undergone and with all the needed components and with lots of hope we left Chennai on July 17th .The pleasant climate of Coimbatore welcomed us the early morning of the next day. We reached the anticipated venue around 9 AM of July 18th.

The below image shows the entry of the Codissia complex within which the stalls for various agriculture oriented companies and organizations were located.


The Agri Intex programme is supported by many people in and around Tamil Nadu. By having a glance at the visitors of the programme, the enormous familiarity of the event with the farmers can be observed.


All the four days of the event were very interesting among which the first day became a memorable one as it marked the beginning of the event.

Our stall B62 was located in the B block. Various kinds of stalls related to agriculture occupied the entire exhibition.Organizations and companies like seed,machinery, pesticide and fertilizer dealers, agro consultancies etc,. occupied the stalls.

This exhibition provided us a way in knowing how various firms and groups were offering different services and solutions to make farming easier.


The above image shows our stall in the Agri intex and the visitors eagerly visiting it. Without the visitors, our success in the four day programme would not have been possible.


The above pictures displays our banners which were placed in our stall at Codissia. All our thoughts and works towards agriculture were explained in our poster and banners. People were interested in knowing further details regarding the same.


The sociable interaction between our team and the visitors can be known from the above image clearly.

The cards with our contact details were provided for the visitors of our stall so that they can reach us better.The following image shows our cards that were issued to the visitors.


Our design behind:

The major idea of introducing our services which were developed for the betterment and ease of our farming community was achieved in a successful manner while receiving lots of complements, encouragements and suggestions from many people.

In addition to the completion of our base plan we were also able to reach many officers from the agriculture and allied departments to whom we explained our ideas and gained information from them too.

Many agricultural professionals appreciated our services as they were in need of regular updated, accurate details related to agricultural field which are provided through our services.

Our experience:

For our service process, we collected details from the farmers regarding their agricultural practices, crop and contact details etc. Lots of responses from the farmers were received and also many people encouraged us that this would be a great step towards the development of our current and future agriculture. We made a total collection of 4170 response forms from the farmers who visited our stall.

The image below shows the interaction of our team with the farmers.



Among the people who visited our stall, one visitor gave a feedback that our step towards this process is a bold and appreciable one as it has become rare to see people concentrating towards agriculture now a days.


The event made our rapport as a team to grow even stronger. We enjoyed the entire event as a team whole-heartedly.

The vast area, the beautiful location and the pleasant climate at Codissia were one of the chief reasons for making the event a pleasurable one.

We also relished the diverse variety of food which was available in the food court.

Familiarity with the farmers:

Agriculture in today's world is not an easy task. It involves lots of hardships and difficult situations to be overcome. Our partaking in Agri Intex had provided us a platform to become familiar with our current agriculture scenario and also gave us a base idea of how various technological benefits can be developed and made available to our farmer friends.


With memories of experience with the farmers and the exhibition, fun filled chats in the lawns of Codissia and in our lodgings we left Coimbatore and reached Chennai on July 22nd.

On the whole, the Agri Intex 2014 became and would always stay as a memorable event in the minds of the entire team.

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