Greeno believes in "Do it simple" philosophy. Our experienced and proactive Infor S3 (Lawson) consultants would work with you very closely to understand your business requirements and provide a simple and effective solutions to deliver high performance. Our Business Consultants would help you to
  • Establish Business Specific solutions in a shorter time frame
  • Improve Enterprise Performance
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Operational Efficiency

greeno Infor Lawson Security : Greeno has built a set of tools and reporting solution to help audit the performance of security rules. Our Infor certified consultants are well experienced in providing effective solutions to manage your access needs without compromising your organization's security policy. Greeno has also built a library of security access combinations that can be run using our tools to identify potential conflicts and resolve them.


Feasibility Analysis
We understand that every business is unique and needs unique solutions to gain competitive advantage. We take advantage of our experienced consultants to study your requirements and provide a feasibility analysis on the required solutions.


System Integration
Success of businesses today depends on identifying and integrating the best business applications to meet your need. Our consultants have experience in working with many complex multi system integration with Infor S3 as “Source of truth” to generate consolidated Balance Sheets.

GreenoInfor 10 Upgrades : Recent studies by various business analysts have shown that the technology will change the way we work within next 3 years. Infor 10x is a right step to embrace the upcoming change and Greeno will be happy to help you in getting upgraded from Lawson 9x to Infor 10x. Team Greeno has already done many of the upgrades to 10x and found that customers are very happy to appreciate the new features and changes in 10x..

Greeno's mobility practice works with our Infor S3 consultants to develop mobile apps in all 4 leading mobile platforms: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Greeno has developed a Greeno mobility framework (GMF) that would help to reduce the time and effort required to build custom mobile apps.
Development Services

Greeno has one of the most experienced team that has done several complex customizations and also have built few path breaking products using Infor S3 platform. We have highly skilled and efficient programmers in the following languages & tools:

Lawson 4GL provides the Business Logic for the S3 applications, Our team has strong expertise in building Interfaces, Reports, Custom Modules, Drill Arounds, Screen rules and validations for all systems and performance tuning using timed statistics and filters.

Lawson has introduced java based programming language called “Lawson Program Language”, which is used to build the latest application framework Landmark. Greeno has already built many custom screens using LPL for our customers across the world.

PFI 9.0
Process Flow Integrator 9.0 is one of the productivity tools built by Lawson to automate the business processes. Our team is capable of building complex flows for specific business requirements like New Hires, Salary Revision, Invoice Approval and Requisition approvals, with approval levels up to 10 using complex branching conditions..

IPD 10.0
IPD 10.0 is the latest version of Process Flow Integration which can be used to integrate S3 with other Infor products like Talent Management, Travel and Expense management, Candidate Self Service & M3. The new single sign-on environment requires the programmers to use all the products within a flow to provide seamless experience to the users. We have already built many flows that uses business classes from more than one product to provide an integrated solution. For example, an Expense approval flow would require integration from Talent management to route the approvals to the direct supervisors and Directors.



Performance Tuning
Any IT system would require constant monitoring and proactive maintenance to improve its performance. Our Support Analysts are trained to monitor the system performance using custom built tools and take preventive action to tune the performance and maintain it at a optimal level always.

User & Security Maintenance

Today's business systems require well defined security access policies to avoid any potential risk to the data integrity. Greeno has built reporting tools and process automation solutions to maintain the user security and security configuration management.

Technical Issues

Greeno's On Demand support team provides expert solutions for every technical issue that might arise from their day to day operations. We can provide round the clock support services on critical technical issues to enable the system up and running always.


Disaster Recovery
Our Consultants are trained and certified in ITIL standards. From our experience in maintaining many complex Infor S3 installations and with our knowledge in ITIL processes, we offer the best in class back up and disaster recovery solutions for Infor Customers.

Patch Maintenance

Infor consistently listens to all its customers and releases product patches frequently to fix the common issues that are reported by its customers. As a part of our support services, we will do Impact Analysis of all the new patches released by Infor and install them.

Functional Support

Our Infor Certified Business consultants would be more than happy to help our customers with functional support on any issues that might need expert advice. Greeno invests heavily in training and getting our consultants certified on Infor products to help the customers better.

Enterprise Analytics

Today, the Businesses and Organizations are struggling with exponentially growing volume and variety of data. Greeno has demonstrated its ability to build tools and reports that would synthesize ever exploding information and empower customer with meaningful and actionable Data.

Our Enterprise Analytics team has built many reports on Infor S3 using Lawson Business Intelligence Platform for Public sector Institutions and also built a complete Analytics solution for Healthcare organizations to optimize their costs and identify trend to take corrective and preventive actions.

We have built a Information warehouse using transactional data and creates data cubes on locations, cost centers, employees, suppliers, customers etc. These cubes would store summarized data that can be sliced in to smaller units and presented to the customer as actionable information.

Our Analytics team has built reports on key metrics for Labor, Supplychain and Finance specialised for Public Sector and Healthcare

Supply Chain Analytics
  • Price Normalization by Vendor
  • Top 10 Items by Spend
  • Potential Overstock Items
  • Cost Savings by Items
  • Obsolete Items
  • PAR Items
  • Stock Analytics and Contract Analytics
Labor Analytics
  • Staffing Effectiveness
  • Labour Productivity Analysis
  • Wage Bill Trend by Job Code
  • Employee Turnover Trend by Reason
  • Salary Payment performance
  • Locationwise Employee Movement Analysis
  • Gender Equality Analysis
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