Greeno is the combination of two words. Green + Innovation = Greeno

What would happen when the desire and dream to change the IT landscape meets with an opportunity. Answer: Ideas and Innovation. Greeno is the result of thoughtful minds working hard to create innovative and sustainable products and solutions.

Greeno is a IT solution provider specializing in Infor Products, Mobility Solutions and Web Products.

Greeno has a deep knowledge and a wide experience in Information technology and strives to learn new technologies to give simple and efficient solutions to customers. We follow well defined processes and stringent quality metrics for the application development and support processes.


Greeno is a Information Technology solutions provider with focus on Infor products, mobility solutions and Web products. Greeno aims to develop disruptive products leveraging latest technologies that transforms the lives of people.


Greeno will always be governed and guided by its core values, which will design our behaviour and decision making system. Just like 7 natural colours in a rainbow, We call our core values as VIBGYOR.


The Vibrant work culture established that will help people to stay cool and enthusiastic.


Innovation is our route to achieve our vision.


Greeno motivates all its employees to dream big and achieve big.


We believe that being true to our purpose will strengthen our relationship with our customers, employees and Investors

Greeno strives to become reliable and authentic solutions provider for all its customers and stake holders.


Greeno will always have well defined processes, established performance benchmarks to measure productivity and take actions to improve performance.


Greeno believes in 'Child like' attitude which leads to celebrate every small success.


Infor S3 offers robust web services, mobile interface, business intelligence, scalability and integration capabilities better than Peers. Infor solutions are Web-deployable and more importantly, they are self-evident, meaning that costs for employee training are drastically reduced.


The Rapid proliferation of mobile technology across multiple devices and platforms offers a wide variety of options to users and often overwhelms them. Greeno aims at taking right steps to adopt and leverage mobile technology to drive business results and to create value across the eco system.

The convergence of enterprise business with mobility solutions offers great platform to enhance business productivity and better collaboration.


Design is the key to establishing a brand or identity that our existing or potential clients recognize and remember. It is a form of expression and communicates the purpose of a product or a service.

"Nothing happens by chance, everything is a design"

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